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Admissions for the Academic Year 2022-2023 have started!


Paramount International Preschool is a part of the world's leading premium preschool organization, IPC. The world’s first and largest international Early Childhood Education curriculum, IPC is the most internationally represented chain of preschools spanning across 6 continents. 


Paramount, a premier abode of learning, is the first  IPC school in Uzbekistan and we nurture learners for the following age groups: Toddlers (24 months to 3 Years), Small Group (3-4 Years), Middle Group (4-5 Years), Big Group (5-6 Years) & Prep Group (6-7 Years)

Healthy Meals

Organic food freshly made at the kindergarten is available every day at our kitchen.

Learning & Fun

A wide variety of activities to stimulate language learning, such as art and crafts, baking, music.

Child Safety

Professional Paramount

 teachers will take care of your child's safety as it's our #1 priority.

As entrepreneurs, we were settling down in Tashkent as a new family, and we were looking for an exclusive English kindergarten for our children that had good pedagogy, quality teachers, professional management and affordable fee. Eventually, we realized that there was a huge demand in Pre Primary Education. We followed our passion for this need, and started Paramount International Preschool.


Meet Our Educators


Talichila Imchen

Director of Operations

A Trainer, Entrepreneur and . Having entered the work force in 2000 in India, she has worked with over 20 corporate brands and trained close to 6000 professionals from Fortune 500 companies.

A DISC Certified Trainer from DISCCERT, USA with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Achi is also trained in Western Vocals with range as a Soprano and Alto. 

At any given day, you will find her happily engrossed in developing strategies and innovating on growth for the school.

2022-05-30 09.43.24.jpg

Kilang Jamir


Kilang is a Masters Graduate in Cross cultural studies with experience in Corporate PR and ESL. She has received certification in TEFL and TESOL and has effectively taught Expat children making their transition to English-speaking countries over the last 2 years.

Photo ND UZ300.jpg

Nathan Davidson


Nathan has a wide range of experience working with children in USA between the ages of 6 months to 13 years. He has successfully employed kinesthetic, visual and auditory approaches to make lessons interesting and interactive. He has a Bachelor Of Social Science and Business Administration

Our Philosophy & Approach

At Paramount, our belief is that each child can learn – each child is special. Hence, learning for a child here is personalized according to the individual development of the child.


Because a child develops and learns at a rapid pace in their early years (source: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, USA), our approach to a child’s learning is designed to provide a strong foundation for lifelong progress.


  • Our children will learn through listening, creative thinking, speaking, reading, writing, touching, playing, seeing and doing.

  • Learning is designed to include indoor and outdoor activities

  • We encourage children to participate; the teacher plays the role of a facilitator.


Our medium of instruction is English. Russian is introduced in the preschool years as a second language at no additional cost. Children who graduate from our preschool will be able to seamlessly pursue primary education in local as well as international schools.

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