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  • Why should I select Paramount International Preschool for my child?
    - The IPC curriculum’s main focus is to group a child according to her/his developmental appropriateness. - Qualified and experienced international management team. - Affordable yet high quality education. - Safe and learning-friendly environment. - Equips a child with the tools needed to transition successfully into Primary education.
  • Is this a Co-Educational school?
  • Who can study at the school?
    Our school accommodates students within the age bracket of 12 months to 6 years at the time of admission.
  • I am looking for just a few hours of schooling for my child. How would you accommodate this requirement?
    We have Full Time and Part Time (half-day) options for students.
  • Tell us about the Teachers!
    We have a good blend of local and international teachers. Our teacher’s are eligible to teach as per the credentials required internationally as well as by the Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan.
  • How many students per classroom?
    Our maximum intake of students is 15 students per group.
  • Which curriculum do you follow?
    Our school follows the framework of the State Curriculum 'Ilik Kadam' and International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), the world’s first and largest international ECE curriculum and the only ECE curriculum that meets several international standards including EYFS and NAEYC.
  • What is the medium of instruction?
  • Do you teach foreign languages?
    Our main instructional language is English, introducing Russian at age 3 at no additional cost.
  • Where can a student move onto after they graduate at Paramount?
    A student in Level 3 will be prepared for Primary Education – this will allow a seamless transition into local or international schools.
  • What is the Paramount Enhancement Program?
    The ‘Paramount Enhancement Program’ aims at addressing the whole-round development of a child and will have the following programs at no additional costs: - Mental Arithmetic - Music and Drama - Sports (gymnastics, chess, physical education) - Cross Culture programs - Family Curriculum - Summer Program
  • Do you have after school programs?
    We plan to have after school programs in the future.
  • Do you have a Sports/Physical Education program?
    Yes. Our Sports segment covers gymnastics, chess, physical education
  • What is your Music program like?
    For the Toddler groups, we teach Music and Movement. For the older groups, we introduce them to music concepts, vocals/singing, and musical instruments.
  • Please tell us about your Field Trips.
    We will have 3 field day trips in a school year to areas of interest within Tashkent city limits.
  • Is there a Parent Involvement program?
    Yes- we have the Paramount Parent Community that allows Management, Teachers and Parents to work together
  • How frequently are PTM held?
    Thrice in a school year. The dates are mentioned in the school yearly calendar.
  • How do you communicate with parents?
    We communicate through email, student-parent handbook, Telegram/Whatsapp, newsletter and face to face.
  • How can parents communicate with you?
    You may reach us on Voice calls, email, Telegram or simply pay us a visit!
  • I am the mother of a special needs child. Is he eligible to study at PIP?
    Our school is not equipped to receive special needs children.
  • Would lunch be served at school?
    Yes. Breakfast, snacks, Lunch, and Afternoon snacks will be served.
  • Where do you source the food?
    We have a full time in-house Chef with 12 years of experience who will be preparing the meals.
  • What is the Menu like?
    Our menu comprises of local Uzbek and international cuisine and is designed by a group of mothers, in consultation with a certified Dietician and Nutritionist.
  • What are the costs for the food?
    There is no additional cost for food. The monthly fees covers food.
  • My daughter is allergic to nuts. How can she avoid nut-based dishes?
    Parents will have to declare any allergies/ health issues at the time of admission through filling up a form. Because each child’s health issues is different, we will work individually with parents to mutually address any such allergy/ health issues.
  • Is the school under CCTV surveillance?
    Yes. Additionally, our security guards are trained and available 24/7.
  • Do you have a health center should my child fall sick?
    Yes. We have a full time registered Nurse with 10 years of experience. Nine of our staff are trained and certified in “Emergency Medical Services Training Course”.
  • Do you have a transport facility?
    Currently, we do not have.
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