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Latest Events

We are bustling with events all through the year! Catch them here in this section. 

Last update: April '23

Sumalyak Sayli

Welcoming Spring! March

Paramount is home to students and staff from different countries, exposing us to a multitude of cultural differences in our everyday interaction. Our Cross Culture Program aims at encouraging and creating an environment of being open to the insights of different cultures and turning our differences into learning opportunities. 

Happy Navruz!

Paramount Preschool welcomed Navruz in the Uzbek tradition of cooking Sumalyak together [to sweeten our tastebuds and danced to the beats of the Karnay-Surnay.]

Child Safety Training


The Management provides a wide range of trainings for employees at all levels once every quarter. Trainings are aimed at self-development and professional growth. Professionals as well as in-house certified trainers are engaged with our employees.


Field trip to the peanut butter factory


Each group has a specific monthly learning theme. In sync with these themes, we organize field trips to create interactive and fun learning environments outside the confines of our classrooms!


HOPE winter concert

December '22

Swipe right for some more impressions from the winter concert! 

The HOPE winter concert - which took place the second year in a row - is a very special event for the Paramount family and everyone worked very hard for the event: every group performed unique songs and dances, showcasing their creative and musical talents, altogether making it an unforgettable afternoon!
In preparation for the event, Paramount students made personalized ornaments for the tree and cookies for the invitations, creative heads came together to bring alive the festive ambience, and reindeer and lanterns used for the decor were handmade at Paramount. The delicious food was made with love with the help of friends and our chef and his team.


Summer School

July 4th–29th 2022

This July we organized our very first Summer School, offering English and Russian language classes with native speakers, art classes, sports afternoons, pool days, chess and dance classes, and much more!

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Lemonade Day
Pool Time!
Selling tickets for Movie Afternoon


June 24th 2022

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