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Meet the Team

Dedicated & Certified

All teachers at Paramount are qualified, certified and eligible to teach as per the credentials laid down by the Ministry of Preschool Education of Uzbekistan. The school boasts of a good blend of local and international teachers. We are currently a 28 member team (14 Educators and 14 non-teaching staffs) and we continue to grow. 

Upon confirmation of a teaching job at Paramount, a teacher receives an all-expense paid diploma in Early Childhood Education accredited by IPC International Preschools Teacher Training Course. 

All teachers and staff receive professional development training by professionals every quarter.


Our Team as of August 2022

Talichila Imchen_edited.jpg

Talichila Imchen

Director of Operations

A Trainer, Entrepreneur and Consultant. Having entered the work force in 2000 in India, she has worked with over 20 corporate brands and trained close to 6000 professionals from Fortune 500 companies.

A DISC Certified Trainer from DISCCERT, USA with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Achi is also trained in Western Vocals with range as a Soprano and Alto. 

At any given day, you will find her happily engrossed in developing strategies and innovating on growth for the school.

2024-05-14 13.53.00.jpg

Rebecca Hadden

Lead Teacher at Level 3

Rebecca is from Atlanta, GA USA and has over nine years of experience in Education and Finance. She is CELTA certified and successfully completed the IPC Teacher Training Course in July 2022. Rebecca has been teaching Level 3 groups at Paramount for over two years.

2024-05-14 13.43.06.jpg

Swati Agarwal

Program Co-ordinator

Swati has worked with children across three continents and has been teaching at Paramount since its founding in 2020. Her wide exposure to different cultures makes her an ideal individual to create a learning environment that is sensitive and inclusive. 

2024-05-14 14.05.10.jpg

Khurshidakhon Kodirbekova

Lead Teacher at Level 3

Khurshida is a Graduate in Preschool Education from Bucheon Univeristy, Class of 2021. She has briefly worked with children using dance and music to teach vocabulary. Some of her writings have been published including her article on ‘the benefits of reading books to babies’.

2024-05-14 14.23.00.jpg

Gulnara Xudaynazarova

Teacher at Toddler Group

Art Teacher

Gulnara studied Design under the acclaimed Salahitdinov Kadirbek at Yunusobod Professional Design College and her specialization includes fabric, silk, watercolor, oil, wall, acrylic, ceramic, papier-mâché, sculpture to name a few.

2024-05-14 14.27.41.jpg

Nathan Davidson

ESL Teacher

Nathan is TESOL certified and has a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. He has taught and supervised children for four years at IFS in the USA.

2024-05-14 13.43.19.jpg

Nargiza Mambetkarimova

Lead Teacher at Level 2

Nargiza has a bachelors in English philology. She started her career at Paramount and is growing in experience and impacting the young lives.


Mariya Li

Music Teacher

Event Manager

A trained classical pianist and flutist and an Alumni of Uspensky Music School for Gifted Children and Tashkent Conservatorium of Music, Mariya has travelled as a performing Pianist to multiple countries in the last 16 years.

2024-05-14 13.42.59.jpg

Alsu Zaxarova

Lead Teacher at Level 2

Russian Teacher

Alsu has 26 years of experience working with children ages 3–13 in different educational contexts.

2024-05-14 13.43_edited.jpg

Kunduz  Mamadjonova

Lead Teacher L1

She has over 6 years of experience in teaching English and translation work. She joined Paramount in 2023

2024-05-14 13.52.51.jpg

Bagilla Kidrakliyeva

Lead Teacher L1

Bachelor and Masters degree in English Philology and Literature from the Uzbek State World Languages University. She has 6 years of experience in the field of education.

2024-05-14 13.42_edited.jpg

Irina Kamalyan

Child Psychologist

Irina has been working as a Psychologist at Preschools, Oil & Gas Sectors for the last 4 years. She has a Bachelor of English Philology at Uzbek State University of World Languages and has received   Diplomas in Moscow and London as a Child Psychologist, Family Psychologist and Teacher Psychologist.

2024-05-14 14.23_edited.jpg


Dance Teacher 

She holds a degree from State Academy of Choreography, Uzbekistan. She has over 10 years of experience working with children in music and choreography. 

2024-05-14 13.42.46.jpg

Gilmanova Zulfiya Rafkatovna

Physical Education 

Bachelors at Tashkent Government Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. She has 15 years of experience as a PE teacher

2024-05-14 13.42.53.jpg

Elmira Kelmambetova

Speech Therapist

She is a graduate in speech therapy, family psychology and music. She has over 13 years of experience working with children and8 years in speech therapy.

2024-05-14 13_edited.jpg

Eva Khalikova

Music Teacher

Student at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. She is at Paramount since 2023

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