The Management provides a wide range of trainings for employees at all levels once every Quarter. Trainings are aimed at self-development and professional growth. Professionals as well as in-house certified trainers are engaged with our employees.

First Aid Training

The team at Paramount International Preschool are trained and certified in “Emergency Medical Services Training Course” by the Republic Emergency Medical Services Training Center and American International Richmond Ambulance Authority.


What does this mean?

This means your child will be at close proximity to at least one emergency-situation trained school staff at any given point of time. The safety of your child is our utmost priority.


The team went through an extensive 2-week course work involving theory and practical lessons. Each staff member successfully passed a written and practical exam to receive certification.


This Certificate is accepted and recognized globally.

Team Building

Ms. Rohila Bahodirova, Psychologist, Trainer, and Life Coach with 21 years of experience, took the team through an extensive one-day extensive program on ‘Team Building & Bonding’. This was initiated to inculcate healthy team habits for team members across all verticals.


Team Paramount is a rainbow – we are One team, many colors!


Stereotyped thinking and perception! 


An extensive session on “Stereotyped thinking and perception” by Mr Boboyor Turaev, Psychologist, Trainer and Coach. Focus of this training was to do away with assumptions to enable cultivating a healthy team. 

​Boboyor has over 27 years of experience. So far he has registered over 1783 hours of trainings related to Business Skills, Education, Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Social Protection. Over 16247 individuals ranging from ages 18 to 60 has been reached through his trainings.